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About This Website

Wheyprotein.org.uk is privately owned and operated by Supplement Marketing. This website was launched in June, 2014.

The website was conceived to help both the suppliers and buyers of sports supplements connect for mutual benefit; web store owners have the opportunity to reach out to a wider customer base via paid-for-performance advertising, and buyers can also benefit by making smarter, informed buying decisions. The website has been designed to offer quick, convenient and comparable data on popular whey protein supplements available online in the UK.

In order to offer this service we utilise custom data collection technology. This enables us to update this website automatically throughout the week with current product prices.

Like many marketplace websites, Wheyprotein.org.uk benefits by leveraging retailer affiliate programs. If you manage an online sports supplements store and would like to have your whey protein products displayed please refer to Getting Your Products Listed below.

Contact Us

You can contact the company via any of the following methods.

  • Email:
  • Mailing address:Supplement Marketing
    C/O Unit 6 & 7
    Rear 37 Victoria Road East
    FY5 5BU
  • Telephone:+44 7474 198 300 (Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm GMT)
  • Skype:supplementmarketing
  • LinkedIn:Supplement Marketing | Mike Clark

If you are only interested in keeping updated with products and special offers please add us on Facebook and Twitter.

Report a Problem

Have you noticed an error with the website, or have you seen a way we could improve it? Please let us know!

Email us:

Getting Your Products Listed on Wheyprotein.org.uk

To get your product inventory listed on Wheyprotein.org.uk ideally you need to run an affiliate program. If you don't operate one, Affiliate Window, Paid On Results, Clixgalore and Affilinet are all established affiliate companies that can advise you on setting one up.

If you manage an online supplement store and have no desire to run an affiliate program, please get in touch if you would like to discuss alternative ways to get your inventory listed.

Advertising Opportunities

Aside from product listings there are several other ways you can promote your business through Wheyprotein.org.uk. Please contact us for current advertising availability and traffic data.

We can assist with any design work and we will base it on existing corporate branding / designs. We also welcome enquiries for all types of businesses, you don't have to sell supplements.

As per Google's guidelines all sponsored links include the rel="nofollow" attribute in the <a> tags. Unless otherwise stated you won't receive any inbound link benefit in terms of search engine performance. Adverts should be considered as a means to increase your website / brand's visibility to a very specific demographic. We will provide statistics on adverts, placements and clickthroughs although we do encourage you to track this through your own analytics software.

  • Website Sponsorship:By sponsoring www.wheyprotein.org.uk you have the option of including your company's branding as a background image on every page on the website. We will design this image to suit the dimensions of the website and proof it with you first before it goes live. We will require suitable imagery in terms of appropriateness and quality.

    Your company logo along with a link to your website will feature on every page page of the website. Website Sponsorship If your company sells a product that is displayed on the website your company will always feature at the top of the store listings. Ranking first on product listings Your company will always feature at the top of our supplement store comparison chart. Other companies are listed alphabetically. Ranking first on our supplements store guide If you want to promote any discount codes or current deals your company will always feature at the top of our Coupons & Deals page. Other companies are listed alphabetically. Ranking first on our Coupons & Deals page
  • Home Page:There is one slot on the home page slider. This is the only advertising package that is available to lease on a DAILY basis. This makes it ideal to promote special offers or a new product launch. It measures 713 x 313 pixels.Home Page Slider There are two advertising slots available on the home page. They both measure 250 x 96 pixels.Home Page Ads
  • Product Search:Product Search is the most viewed page on the website. There are 2 x skyscraper advertising slots available both measuring 120 x 600 pixels. Whey Product Search
  • Best Whey Protein:There are 4 x skyscraper advertising slots available each measuring 120 x 600 pixels.Best Whey Protein
  • Compare Whey Protein:There is 1 x skyscraper advertising slot available measuring 120 x 600 pixels.Compare Whey Protein

Website Credits

The website was built by us, but we did borrow a few bits and pieces from these kind chaps:

A big thank you to Rethink-Design, a Blackpool based design agency, for their help with advertising and branding.

Rethink Design - A Blackpool Creative & Design Agency

Company Questions & Sugguestions

  • How often do you update the website?

    We update the website daily. Discount codes and deals are added several times a day. Different clients have their prices updated at different periods throughout the week. Prices are mainly updated in the evening when traffic volumes on webstores are at a reduced level.

  • Do you sell any supplements?

    No, we don't sell any supplements. We are simply a conduit to help the sellers and buyers of whey protein supplements connect.

  • We don't operate an affiliate program can we list our products on your website?

    Yes, we offer an alternative option if you don't run an affiliate program - please get in touch!

  • Are your advertising packages contracted?

    No, none of our packages are contracted. The advertising packages are sold in three month blocks (quarterly). Current advertisers always have first refusal on maintaining their package.

  • How much does it cost to advertise on your website?

    Each of the packages have different rates and we review them every three months as the prices are largly dependent on our page views. With regards to listing products, we work on a percentage of the product's sale price at the beginning of the each month. There is a minimum price to meet our operational costs. Depending on your conversions, it is beneficial to list more products on the website as we reduce the product percentage rate in milestones. Obviously you will also benefit by having greater exposure to your brand.

  • I don't sell supplements, can I still advertise?

    Yes, we welcome enquiries from all types of businesses. We won't accept any enquiries from sites that contain pornographic content or any sites we deem are racially or socially prejudicial.

  • Will you do a deal on multiple advertising packages?

    Absolutely! We're happy to negotiate a package which works for you.

  • Are there any other benefits to being listed on your website?

    We also run Facebook and Twitter pages. Any promotions you have will be mirrored on both platforms.

  • I've got a recommendation!

    Brilliant! We love recommendations - please email us with the details.

  • Come on, what's the best protein supplement!

    While we've all got our preferred brands / products we wouldn't recommend one product over another, and that's not for commercial reasons or the risk of offending competing companies. We've each had good results from a range of products. Rather than talk up brands we prefer to talk about the type of supplement. As avid gym goers and sports enthusiasts, whey protein is the #1 supplement of choice. That's doesn't discount the importance of carbs and good fats, but good quality protein as a percentage is more expensive to source in food, hence why we decided to set up this website. If we were to make a collective recommendation on the best types of supplements, we would say protein powders, bcaas (great for post workout recovery) and creatine.

  • Do you have any jobs?

    Thank you for your interest, unfortunately we don't have any vacancies at the moment, sorry!

  • I work for a recruitment agency, can I contact you?

    Thank you for your interest but we handle recruitment internally.

  • I work for an online marketing agency, can I contact you?

    Thank you for your interest but we handle all marketing internally.

  • I have a question about whey protein!

    Please refer to our Frequent Questions and Suggestions page.

Link To Us

Are you a personal trainer or do run a fitness blog? If so, please consider putting a link on your site to us. You'll be helping guide your visitors on the benfits of supplementing protein, while helping them find a supplement that fits with their requirements. We will also consider paid advertising, so if you think we can strike a win-win, please get in touch.

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www.wheyprotein.org.uk is a trading name of Supplement Marketing, a privately owned company owned and operated by Mike Clark.

Brand logos, store logos and product images may be subject to copyright. No copyright infringement is intended. For more information on logo and product copyright, please click here.

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