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Comparing Supplement Stores

How does your favourite supplement store compare?

With an ever increasing number of supplement websites competition is tight. The pressure is on retailers to maximise sales through a mixture of incentives, and you can make your money go a lot further if you're smart about how you spend it!

Besides keeping updated with coupons and deals, you might be able to save money with a price match policy. If you're a social media junkie and your favourite store offers a referral scheme you can earn points by referring your mates. Points mean money off your next order. Most stores offer customer loyalty points too. Find several stores you like and consider sticking with them, at least long enough to reap some benefits! After half a dozen orders you'll be surprised just how quickly those points add up.
Points = FREE protein!

  New Customer Incentive Price Match Policy Loyalty Points Multibuy Discount Free Samples With Orders Referral Codes Independently Reviewed Standard UK Delivery From Free UK Delivery Order Value EU Delivery From Order Cut Off Time
No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes £1.99 £49.00 £4.99 4pm
No Yes No No Yes No No £9.79 £50.00 £4.20 9am
No Yes No Yes No No Yes FREE FREE FREE 4pm
No Yes No No No No No £2.95 £99.00 No 4pm
5% Discount No No No No No No FREE FREE No 8pm
No No No No No No No FREE FREE No In stock
No No Yes No No Yes No FREE FREE No In stock
No No No No No No Yes £4.99 £30.00 £10.00 4pm
£5.00 off newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes £1.99 £19.99 £3.99 3pm
£113 of food for £75 No Yes Yes No Yes No £3.95 £75.00 No 7pm
10% Discount NEW10 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes £1.99 £50.00 £3.95 8pm
5% Discount Code: DEAL5 No No Yes Yes No No £1.99 £19.99 £3.99 3pm
No No No Yes Yes No No FREE FREE No 3pm
No No Yes No No No No £2.99 £20.00 FREE 5:30pm
No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes £2.50 No £7.50 4pm
No No No No No No No £2.95 £15.00 £8.00 1pm
No No Yes No No No Yes £3.99 £10.00 £14.99 11:30am
Save 10% TEAMSMART No Yes No No Yes No £4.99 £40.00 No 6pm
Free protein! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes £1.99 £75.00 £4.99 5pm
No No No No No No No £7.00 £20.00 £14.00 5pm

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An example of how "Mike" benefited from a retailer in just nine months...

  • He accumulated nearly £20 in loyalty points earned from repeat orders
  • He earned £20 (4 x £5) by introducing four of his mates
  • He saved nearly £90 through money-off coupons
  • The retailer price matched against a competitor offering a saving of £20
  • All nine orders were delivered for FREE at a given time the following day
  • Total Saving: £150 off £1,061... That's nearly 15%!
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