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Protein Bars & Snacks

There’s no escaping it, protein shakes aren’t always convenient. Lugging around the extra water weight might not be an option and you also might not have easy access to water when you need it. This is when protein snacks are a great alternative. They’re versatile, they’re easy to carry in your pocket, your briefcase or your gym bag and you don’t have to worry about the risk of spillage.

Protein bars look and taste similar to regular confectionary bars, except rather than containing a majority of sugars, protein is a primary macronutrient. With flapjacks and cookies some of their sugars are stripped out to make way for more low GI carbs and added protein. Cookies are baked and usually contain whey as a protein source.

Unlike regular protein shakes, the bars always have higher percentages of carbohydrates and fats, hence they make for a better in-between meal snack. Depending on your requirements, some protein bars could even replace a small meal.

In days gone by protein bars were quite sickly, stodgy and in all honesty it was a struggle to finish them. In recent years, new production technology has led to improved ingredients, flavours and textures. They’re a great alternative to choosing a snack out of the vending machine.

One major advantage that we use them for is travelling. It’s not always easy gaining access to quality nutrition when you’re on holiday, and for short breaks protein bars fill that void perfectly.

There are different types of bars, some have higher protein percentages, while others are more balanced with carbs and fats. Look at ingredients, as some bars contain added anabolic bonuses like creatine, HMB and tarurine, while others have dieting enhancing ingredients likes CLA and l-carnitine.

If you're still not sure, you can find a supplement that will suit your goals with our protein finder.

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USN - Diet Whey Bar

Diet Whey Bar


18 x 38 g Bars

Product Type:Bar

Available Flavours:Peanut Butter Brownie

Brand's Website:www.usn.co.uk

    • Blend of proteins sources in a convenient bar
    • Slower digesting milk protein isolate and soy protein isolate
    • Ideal for individuals on the go
    • Fast digesting whey protein concentrate & isolate
    • 15 grams of protein and 11 grams of slow carbs in each bar
USN - Protein Delite Bar

Protein Delite Bar


18 x 50 g Bars

Product Type:Bar

Available Flavours:Cookies & Cream, Toffee Almond

Brand's Website:www.usn.co.uk

    • Convenient 50 gram protein snack bar
    • Protein blend: WPC, WPI, MPI, SPI
    • Great balance between proteins, carbs & fats
    • corn syrup, palm kernel oil, almonds & coconut oil
USN - Protein Delite Bars

Protein Delite Bars


12 x 76 g Bars

Product Type:Bar

Available Flavours:Cookies & Cream, Toffee Almond

Brand's Website:www.usn.co.uk

    • Blend of whey proteins (concentrate & isolate)
    • Good balance between carbs and protein - an ideal meal replacement bar
    • Slower digesting milk protein isolate and soy protein isolate
    • Ready to eat & convenient
USN - Pure Protein Bar

Pure Protein Bar


12 x 75 g Bars

Product Type:Bar

Available Flavours:Berry, Chocolate Ice Cream, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, White Chocolate Blackberry

Brand's Website:www.usn.co.uk

    • Convenient protien snack bar offering 24 grams of protein
    • Carb blend: glucose syrup, sugar & wheat flour
    • Protein blend: MPI, WPC
    • Healthy rapeseed oil
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